Why Armenia?


Armenia is one of the most ancient countries on this planet. Its record goes back many millennia
into the history of mankind.

Today Armenia is a new touristic destination after being held behind the ”iron curtain” under the
communist regime about a century, uncharted and unrecognized. It has now widely opened its
hospitable embrace to all those who are interested in exploring and discovering its long-hidden

Armenia is also one of the safest countries for foreigners, the secret being that the Armenians
traditionally accept travelers not as strangers but as God’s messengers. Being the citizens of the
first Christian state in the world, Armenians are still faithful to God’s commandments about
sharing food and providing shelter for wanderers. This is why for travelers it is the strongest
guarantee when locals accept them as a guest.

Infrastructure in tourist industry is rapidly growing and travelers in Armenia find the conforts
close to European standards: hotels, banks, transportation, restaurants, roads, service levels,
airport services, communication, etc.
Nevertheless Armenia offers very attractive prices for foreign travelers.

But apart from all that, Armenia has the most delicious natural food. The thing is that agriculture in
Armenia does not utilize heavily chemical fertilizers or genetically modified crops. Many-many of
our tourists have first discovered the genuine taste and flavor of food in Armenia and they have
loved that.
Ararat mount